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He also never dealt drugs nor lived in Miami; he was kidnapped and tortured there alongside another innocent man, Francisco Toro. Pablo Escobar was not a fan of Atletico Nacional, but Deportivo Independiente Medellin - if they cannot get such a trivial fact right how can they say anything else with certainty?

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La Quica was in prison in New York at the time of Escobar's escape from La Catedral in July , having been jailed in September for falsifying documents. Also Escobar did not have any contacts or help from the law in escaping.

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He escaped by ordering for some bricks in the cell to be left loose. He fled when the government told him they had reneged on their agreement not to transfer him to another jail. It is not certain that the Medellin and Cali cartels will negotiate to stay in Miami and New York to sell drugs. Even before the exponential growth in the drug market, demand was so high there was always a deficit of drugs and enough clients for all- there are millions of consumers and they are willing to pay.

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Fidel Castano decided to create them with the complicity of the Cali cartel and local and foreign authorities, who turned a blind eye to the thousands of crimes and disappearances. His mother never used or bought a weapon - any claims are lies. Escobar did not personally kill Colonel Carrillo as he is called on the show.

He attacked many policemen and killed over one month in Medellin in the late s, but not Carrillo.

Pablo German Tracks & Releases on Beatport

He added he was not proud of the violence of his father and recognised he did a lot of harm to the police while he also gave a lot of money. Escobar equivocated greatly over ordering the death of his partners and lenders, Moncada and Galeano. The pair were kidnapped by the Cali cartel and secured their release alive by promising to deliver Pablo and his men and cut off their financial support to him.

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Escobar decided at the last minute to spare Moncada, but the order to stop his killing was too late. Finally, and possibly the most accurate in terms of look and feel, there was Operation Thunderbolt. Known in Hebrew as Mivtsa Jonathan , Operation Jonathan, it was named in honor of commander Jonathan Netanyahu, the only Israeli soldier killed in the rescue.

Pablo Held Trio

An Israeli film, it came out in and featured original footage of Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres. All three were shot during the immediate euphoria after the rescue, when Israel was viewed with admiration and before anti-Israel movements like BDS became fashionable on American campuses. It was a time when hijackings were rampant, and prevailing world sentiment was that killing innocents was wrong under any circumstances. In the films, the Israelis were heroes; the hijackers and Idi Amin, the Ugandan ruler who provided them safe haven, were not.

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Since all the hijackers were killed, this means making things up. In one ludicrous scene, Kuhlmann leaves the terminal where the hostages are being held, goes to another terminal and, placing a coin in a public telephone, seemingly dials up her boyfriend, Juan Pablo, back in Germany. She talks into the phone, expressing her reservations about the mission, until a passing stranger points out to her that the phone does not work.

The dance has only a tenuous connection to the rest of the film: In the altered reality created in the film, one of the dancers is the girlfriend of an Israeli commando who takes part in the raid.

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Watching the film, I had no idea why the dance was repeated several times, including during the closing titles.