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After a quick instruction, you, your guide and huskies will be off for the day, exploring acres of pristine wilderness, frozen lakes, towering ridges, wetlands and forests, looking for the stories left in the snow by the tracks of the wildlife who call this home. Winterdance Dogsled Tours is located in Haliburton, Ontario. The best time of year to join them is from late December to late March. Couple these stats with phenomenal fall line runs and vast glades and you will see why Revelstoke Mountain Resort ranks amongst the best ski resorts in the world. With an average daily snowfall of 6 to 8 centimeters, this time of year often offers the best powder skiing.

The authentic mountain town of Jasper in the Canadian Rockies largest National Park offer a great home base for ski mountain adventures. Untouched, pristine and secluded, Marmot Basin presents a completely unique skiing experience with more than just great snow to be excited about. Abundant wildlife and beautiful landscapes is just another day at Marmot. The ski season runs from the middle of November until end of April. The Lodge is situated outside Churchill on the vast expanse of subarctic tundra on the shores of the Hudson Bay.

From your own private cabin window or the open-air observation platforms, you have constant proximity to polar bears in the area around the clock.

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Guests make daily excursions by Polar Rover along the ice-bound shores of Hudson Bay in search of polar bears and other wildlife including Arctic fox, Arctic hare, caribou, ptarmigan and snowy owls. Incredible panoramic views of the stunning Rocky Mountains are made accessible to all ages and abilities by snowshoe.

Snowshoeing On Top of the World allows anyone to get up close and personal with a true Canadian Winter experience in the Rocky Mountains.

Get ready for some of the most spectacular winter scenery in the world. Winter in the Rocky Mountains is a true bucket-list experience. It lacks the crowds of summer, and snow-cover allows access to places unreachable any other season.

Cultural Adventures: 22 Indigenous Outfitters That Will Change Your Life - Explore Magazine

The cozy, solar-powered lodge is fully-serviced and provides delicious meals each day, meaning you need only personal belongings for your stay. There is no better way to enjoy the quiet calm of winter in the mountains. Experience the wonders of the Maligne Canyon from the ground up. Your guide will lead you safely along the frozen canyon floor through its maze of fascinating ice sculptures. Explore the entrance to a cave system, ice caves, fossils, and towering frozen waterfalls stretching over 30 meters up the canyon walls.

Provided tread enhancing cleats and warm winter boots will help you stay warm and feel secure while walking on the ice. Maligne Canyon sees tens of thousands of visitors who enjoy the beauty of the Canyon from above in the summer months.

The best feature of this offering is that you travel on the bottom floor of the Canyon, which is a frozen riverbed, in the winter months with towering limestone walls on each side of you as a guide helps you explore the Canyon bottom. Daily trips available with Maligne Adventures from December through early April at am, pm, and Dark Skies tours at pm. Not recommend for youth under the age of 7. CapeRace is using food as a conduit to crossing cultural barriers, allowing travellers to peer further into the rich Newfoundland cultural scene.

Newfoundland is a secret foodie destination , with unparalleled cuisine inspired by the New Nordic movement that Copenhagen and Stockholm embraced ten years ago. Ingredients evoke landscapes, recipes recall history and certain dishes can unlock the very essence of a place and its people. CapeRace is proud to be the first operator to offer winter Culinary trips to Newfoundland. You can find out more about visiting St. The 1.

Adventures in Canada; or, Life in the woods

If you get to skate the loop after a fluffy snowfall, consider yourself in luck. For the absolute best experience, go midweek to beat the crowds and get the best ice conditions. This golden elixir has put the Canadian wine industry on the global map. The Niagara Icewine Festival provides visitors from all corners of the world an opportunity to take part in incredible wine and culinary programs, including gala evenings and outdoor activities, like Icewine marshmallow roasting, ice sculptures, and live entertainment.

The year-old celebration has become a must-visit winter event in the Niagara Region. Visit on the following weekends in January: , , Blachford Lake Lodge is located in the rugged wilderness of Northern Canada, in superb Aurora-watching country. Stand in awe as the lights dance above you; almost feeling as if they could rain down over you. Blachford Lake Lodge is open for winter Aurora viewing from Dec.

Prices vary depending on the length of stay, but package prices can be found here.

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Tip: For igloo building workshops, we recommend visiting after Feb. In , Jasper was designated as a Dark Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society in Canada, due to its limited light pollution that creates ideal conditions for dark sky viewing. The Jasper Dark Sky Festival is an ever-growing celebration aimed at connecting all ages to our universe and beyond through various stargazing and science-related activities as well as enlightening international keynote speakers.

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As daylight hours begin to recede, October is the ideal time to celebrate the sky with the annual Jasper Dark Sky Festival. However, stargazing in Jasper can be done all year long. Many of the events are completely free; however, there are a few main events that are ticketed and have a cost associated.

Live your Yukon adventure with Aurora Borealis and Northern Lights package tours and optional winter activities, such as dog mushing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and ice fishing, in beautiful Whitehorse and its surrounding wilderness. Tours are offered from Aug. If you are flexible in your time of travel, you might want to avoid a full moon phase, because the moonlight can take away some of the weaker aurora displays.

Find out more about visiting the Yukon on the Yukon Tourism website.

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  6. With its Boreal Glide opening every year on the last Friday of October and offering more than 2. When natural snow arrives, Foret Montmorency offers 57 linear kilometers of cross-country skiing for all levels. Also offered at this location are snowshoeing, ski-shoeing, off-trail skiing, guided boreal forest outings, a cafeteria boreal cuisine and lodging for persons.

    The end of October means snow at Foret Montmorency, even if the grass is green everywhere else. At the heart of the Boreal Forest, we offer sustainable tourism activities for all. The Airdrie Festival of Lights is a month long event in December that provides affordable entertainment for families. You will walk through many large, commercial-quality light displays, set on pathways around a portion of Nose Creek Park. You can experience a night of fun for the whole family without emptying your wallet.

    There is no admission charged to visit the festival, however, we do welcome and encourage you to make a donation, either by dropping cash into one of the donation boxes or by putting cash into one of the Jingle Jugs circulated around the festival by our volunteers. The festival is open every night in December from 6 p.

    Catalog Record: Adventures in Canada, or, Life in the woods | HathiTrust Digital Library

    Winter in Canada is when the mountains come to life. Watch locals as they play in our backyard: skiers, snowboarders and snow galore await at the top of the mountain. Sit back and relax on a mountainside terrace as you watch the snow fall peacefully outside. This hour day tour starts at a. The company offers door-to-door service, and picks up from hotel in downtown Vancouver as well as near the airport in Richmond.

    The Maple Magic package from Sugar Moon Farm includes their signature brunch with the best local ingredients, featuring organic Red Fife buttermilk pancakes, local sausages, house made maple baked beans, fresh biscuits with maple butter, maple blueberry compote, maple whipped cream topping, and of course, plenty of maple syrup.

    Because Sugar Moon Farm is open year round, folks can visit and experience maple in all four seasons. The sugar season is exciting because of maple production, but winter is awesome because of the snow this area gets more snow than anywhere in mainland Nova Scotia.

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    Find out more about visiting Nova Scotia here. This family-friendly, iconically Canadian event will take place on March 25, 26, and 27, this year. Registration takes place on Thursday, March BeaverTails has been an iconically Canadian indulgence since , and the pastry has become an indulgent staple dessert for many tourists and locals. Available only in tourist and leisure areas, BeaverTails pastry is best enjoyed after an afternoon of skating on the Canal or a long day of skiing.